Electrical Boxes
Electrical Boxes
An electrical box, also also known as a junction box, is a small enclosure used to accommodate and protect electrical connections, switches, sockets and associated wiring. They are most often used to house electrical outlets installed in buildings, panels and workbenches.

A wide variety of electrical boxes exist to meet application specifications and building codes. Different shapes, materials and functional designs allow installation in many different orientations, locations and and structure types. Made of metal or plastic, electrical boxes can be installed in walls, on panels, on ceilings, in concrete or other masonry, and even outside with the proper ingress protections specifications. Their shape and size are determined by the equipment housed within, from several outlets, a bundle of conduit,or a pair of switches.

Individual box covers can also be chosen based on need. Covers are pre-stamped to accommodate different receptacle sizes, numbers of receptacles, and switches, and many support optional weather covers that use a gasket-lid combination to protect connections from environmental hazards.