Our aspiration: to create iconic design

Our iconic design has earned praise all over the world. Find out more about the many accolades we have received over the years. 

Good design is when shape, function and ergonomics blend seamlessly together.

Switzerland is known all over the world for its high quality of life. This is due as much to the beautiful scenery as it is to our legendary dedication to perfection in everything we do. Because at the end of the day, true quality is always found in the details.

At Victorinox, that is our single guiding principle. Our unwavering focus is on finding the best solution, the ideal functionality, the perfect shape. This not only makes our products extremely durable, it also makes them aesthetically inspiring.

Over the years, we have earned plenty of praise for this philosophy. This fills us with pride and inspires us to search ever deeper, ever further for perfection. We are proud to show you what we have achieved so far.

What makes it a design icon?

Swiss designers, both men and women, spell out why our pocket knife has received so much recognition.

Victorinox inspires artists

We are very pleased that the Swiss Army Knife has become an inspirational product. Discover the exciting creative artworks it has already inspired.

Artists and designers at work for Victorinox

During the evolution of our company, a number of creative minds and hands have left their mark on our pocket knives. Who? Find out more.

Plenty of praise for our product design

Renowned institutions such as the New York Museum of Modern Art have recognized the quality of our design. Read the list of accolades we have received.

The Materials We Use

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Known for our innovations with stainless steel, we also use other natural materials to create iconic and timeless designs.

Our award-winning products

  • Nail Clip Wood 580

Nail Clip Wood 580

Walnut wood
  • Swiss Card Nailcare
  • Swiss Card Nailcare
  • Swiss Card Nailcare

Swiss Card Nailcare

ice-blue translucent
  • Ranger Wood 55

Ranger Wood 55

Walnut wood
  • Nail Clip 580
  • Nail Clip 580
  • Nail Clip 580
  • Nail Clip 580
  • Nail Clip 580
  • Nail Clip 580
  • Nail Clip 580
  • Nail Clip 580

Nail Clip 580

  • Swiss Classic Utility Block, 6 pieces

Swiss Classic Utility Block, 6 pieces

  • 100 ml


100 ml
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