Do Try This at Home Let’s Cook

Cooking for Friends: Recipes and Tips For Effortless Entertaining

Victorinox is your best bet to make cooking for friends seem effortless. So you can focus on the fun rather than the fuss. And we have the utensils you’ll need to do it in style!
To prove our point, we asked top chef Nenad Mlinarevic to use our products to cook a meal. For a nice twist, we challenged him to use only local ingredients – seasonal and regional products sourced in Switzerland.
When Nenad cooks for a few friends, he wants to spend more time enjoying the food with them, rather than spending hours in the kitchen. That’s why he likes dishes that are interesting but simple, preferably with several steps that can be prepared ahead, so he can relax when the meal is ready.
Our regional ingredients challenge was not a problem for Nenad, because he likes eating food from farms he’s visited, or from suppliers he’s known for a very long time. That way he can count on the quality of what they produce.  
Nenad took on our challenge with gusto and created a three-course menu:
  • Swiss shrimp on puréed potatoes and nasturtium greens with shallot-cucumber compote
  • Pizokel with salami, green beans and Sbrinz cheese
  • Yoghurt cream and condensed milk caramel with frozen berries and a chocolate mousse chip  
There’s no fancy equipment required, just good knives and healthy ingredients for a great meal. Nenad has given us the recipes and a video on how to make each of the dishes, so now it’s down to you. Do try this at home!
You can also put together your own three-course meal based exclusively on local ingredients from wherever you call home. Feel free to share your results using #MyVictorinox and @Victorinox.


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