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Item Number GA0740A4102%Z
Product Description: 2HP 1800 3 60 230/460V 145TC BRAKE MOTOR
Item Number GA0740A4102%Z-SP
Product Description: Brake Motor, 2HP, 1800RPM, 230/460V, 3-Ph, 60Hz, Includes Adapter - M25(Male) TO 1/2"NPT(Female)
Item Number GA084014100%Z
Product Description: BA 90 LB4 KW 1.85 230/460/60 B5 CL
Item Number GA114014100%Z
Product Description: BA 100 LA4 KW 2.20 230/460/60 CL F CSA DT BK 230/460/60
Item Number GA124014100%Z
Product Description: Gear Motor, 3KW, 230/460V, SF=1.14 40.5 RPM Nom. Output Torque = 638NM
Item Number GA154014100%Z
Product Description: Gear Motor, 4WK, 230/460V, SF=1.32 42.3 RPM Nom, Output Torque= 861Nm
Item Number GA1740100001Q
Product Description: BA132 SB4 KW 5.50 265/460/60 B5 IP55
Item Number GA1840141000Q
Product Description: Gear Motor, 7.5KW, 230/460V, SF=1.35 Nom. Output Speed = 41.3 RPM Nom. Output Torque = 1633.9Nm
Item Number GA2140049000Q
Product Description: BA 160 MB4 KW 11.0 265/460/60 B3 CL F CSA
Item Number GA2140141000Q
Product Description: Gear Motor, 11KW, 230/460V, SF=1.58 38 RPM Nom, Output Torque 2617.6Nm
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Exciting New Content!
Item Number GA324014100%Z
Product Description: Gear Motor, 5.5kw, 230/460V, SF=1.19 40.2 RPM Nom, Output Torque=1057.5Nm
Item Number M054019W0010
Product Description: SMX 90 SA4 KW-1.10 230/460/60HZ 9W B5 CL F CSA IE3 IP55 SF=1.39 SM25 0.75" 1/10 90B5 174RPM NOM.
1 - 14 of 14 Matches