Precision prep Get the most out of your vegetables

Tools That Love Veggies: For Gorgeous Presentation, More Taste, Less Food Waste

When prepping vegetables, deftly getting around the fiddly parts not only saves you time and effort, it lets you use as much of each plant as you can. A clever tool also makes it easy to wow your guests with impressive designs on their plates. Our paring knives and peelers come in fun, joyful colors; they help you sharpen your act so you can create dishes that look and taste amazing.

Use it all, from root to leaf

Take as much advantage as you can of every vegetable you use, so there’s as little food waste as possible. Start by scrubbing your vegetables thoroughly. Here’s where that little “ear” sticking out of our potato peeler comes in: it’s great for digging out bits of any vegetable you don’t want, so you can use the rest, including the edible skin.

Save carrot, potato or kohlrabi peels; finely dice leftover veggies or cut them into slices; put them into the freezer in airtight containers. Use these vegetables for stock or to add to other soups. Sauté them to toss with pasta or sprinkle onto a pizza. Roast them on a sheet pan in the oven, dotted with garlic and dribbled with olive oil.

Yes, you can peel a tomato!

Sometimes you don’t want the thick skin to distract from a fine dish, so recipes call for tomatoes to be blanched, cooled and then peeled by hand. But there’s no need for all that work when you have our tomato and kiwi peeler – Yes, it does kiwis too! Its serrated edge is so sharp and precise that it saves you more time and effort during prep – time you could be using to focus on delicious creativity.

Use this peeler for tomato dishes like Italian bruschetta, or for smooth pasta sauces – cacciatore, arrabiata, amatriciana, puttanesca – where you don’t want chunks of tomato skin or their bitter taste. It also comes in handy for salsas – for tacos, for dips, or for nacho toppings. Here too, peeled tomatoes can make your salsa velvety, sweeter and easier to scoop up.

Peels, curls and juliennes: deliciously ornamental

Our nimble peelers and paring knives can turn your tasty dish into an awe-inspiring creation with decorative elements that will delight your guests. Whether you’re thinking of finely julienned mangoes on a bed of cilantro and mint leaves, or a full-on traditional Thai vegetable carving, these are the tools that will help you make dishes that are both mouthwatering and visually impressive.

Start simply with vegetable curls and spirals in a salad: carrots sprinkled with black sesame seeds; beetroots with sour cream, horseradish and cinnamon; cucumber with pickled ginger and chilies. Try delicately thin vegetable strips in Vietnamese summer rolls for a more refined taste.

Now you’re ready to fan fennel under a fish, wrap carrots and tomatoes into roses or carve a cucumber into a cactus. Let your imagination go. Then invite your favorite people to celebrate your new skills.