We Specialize in the Repair
and Refurbishment of Drives,
Motors and Accessories
Galco Industrial Electronics specializes in the repair and refurbishment of Drives, Motors, and Accessories from hundreds of manufacturers. Since 1975 our technicians have been repairing Drives/Motors and other industrial electronic equipment including Circuit Boards, CNC/Robotics, Power Control Equipment, Test Equipment, and many other Industrial Controls.
The ideal drive and motor setup will run and regulate your installation for maximum safety and efficiency. As the centerpiece for an industrial system, downtime due to motor or drive failure can be very costly. Regular maintenance is a must.
Drives, Motors and Accessories
AC, DC and Servo Drives
AC, DC and Servo Motors
Identifying a Fault in
the Drive or Motor
When a fault appears on your drive, it is important to remember to troubleshoot the entire drive-motor application. Verify the integrity of the incoming power, the load, and everything in-between. Typical issues can include anything from positioning errors, feedback errors, overheating, overcurrent, over/under voltage, bad bearings or gaskets, ground faults, etc.
Common Drive and Motor Faults
Drive Overheating

Drive components overheating is probably the most common reason for drive failure. Be certain you follow the manufacturer's recommended mounting and ventilation practices. Over time, contaminants can build on the surface of internal drive components and restrict them from properly dispersing their heat.

Motor Overheating

Motor failure due to overheating is also very common. Most motor overheating problems can be traced back to misapplication, like overloading the motor. Make sure your application isn’t using an undersized motor. Other overload causes include: locked rotors, motor misalignment, and stressful environmental conditions.

Feedback Loss

Verify feedback device wiring is connected properly and the configuration of the drive, its connected motor, and any feedback device (armature, tachometer, hall sensor) has not changed. If the problem persists, swap suspect feedback device with a good unit to troubleshoot.