Test & Measurement

We Specialize in the Repair
and Refurbishment of Test
and Measurement Equipment
Galco Industrial Electronics specializes in the repair and refurbishment of Test & Measurement Equipment from hundreds of manufacturers. Since 1975 our technicians have been repairing Test & Measurement Devices and other industrial electronic equipment including Circuit Boards, Drives/Motors, CNC/Robotics, Power Control Equipment, and many other Industrial Controls.
Test and measurement tools are used to ensure your components are working as intended. End to end measurement accuracy is a must in the industrial environment, so the ideal test and measurement instrument should be finely calibrated for your most precise applications.
Common Test and Measurement Equipment
Mulitmeters and Current Clamps
Chart Recorders
Function Generators
Calibrators and Simulators
Test and Measurement Equipment
Faults, Errors, and Malfunctions
Test and measurement equipment faults, errors, and malfunctions can be tricky to diagnose because the source of an unexpected measurement may be difficult to discern. If you can confirm that your error is not a fault of the equipment being tested, you can focus on your testing equipment. Leads and probes degrade over time, and may need to be replaced. A faulty power supply may interfere with the waveform on an oscilloscope. Button presses may fail to register, or displays will show no output. In a worst case scenario, the printed circuit assembly in your unit may need to be replaced.
Common Test and Measurement Equipment Faults
Out of Tolerance

When test equipment is found out of tolerance, there is an uncertainty on all products and components for which it is measuring. To diagnose equipment out of tolerance, consult the unit’s statement of calibration, and perform interval tests on the measurement that appears to read incorrectly. For example, a voltmeter with a full scale range of 1000V should not read 1006V at full scale. Common calibration periods are one year, but tighter specification may call for maintenance every 90 days.

No Output

A meter or scope that fails to display an output could be the result of several problems. Internal circuitry (printed circuit boards, components) may require complete replacement. Multimeters are equipped with fuses to protect internal PCBs, check to see those haven’t blown.

Buttons or Selectors Not Functioning

A button or selector that fails to register can be the result of a wire or connection that is corroded or broken. Portable units may simply need a battery replacement or charge.