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Luggage Hardside

To provide even better protection for all that goes with you, we have evolved our hardside luggage to be a light and resilient travel partner. Every piece in this Victorinox suitcase range features an outer shell of the highest quality - either 100% pure polycarbonate or with specifically developed, highly flexible V-Trix material. The result is a total solution engineered to store and sort your packed items, to be both safe and organized on every step of your travels.
Spectra 3.0
Airox Hardside
Lexicon Hardside
Werks Traveler 6.0
Lexicon Framed Series

Luggage Softside

Soft means strong in the Victorinox softside luggage range, which combines carefully thoughtful packing solutions with smart access possibilities. Throughout the range are material combinations that are both elegant and highly abrasion-resistant. The result: Sophisticated-looking luggage solutions that last, wherever their journeys lead and whatever knocks they might take along the way.
Lexicon 2.0
Werks Traveler 6.0

Business Collections

Intelligence meets function in the Victorinox Business Collections, in which we’ve conceived every tool required for an efficient and smart working life. Each elegant design incorporates storage for documents such as contracts and presentations, as well as compartments for tech necessities like cables. And each, of course, offers the ultimate protective solution for electronic devices – both from knocks in their padding, and against theft in their security.
Architecture Urban2
Lexicon Professional

Backpacks and Bags

"Closely inspired by our most functional tool, the Swiss Army Knife, the Victorinox range of backpacks and bags consists of pieces that are all unique. Yet they also share two important characteristics: they’re packed with innovative options and they feature 2-in-1 usability. We’ve thought through journeys from start to finish to keep you prepared for every possible eventuality, and have created lightweight yet robust bags for every adventure, from camping and hiking to cross-continent rail travel or well-prepared-for city breaks. "
Victoria Signature
Touring 2.0
Altmont Active Lightweight
Altmont Professional
Altmont Original

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Accessories and Wallets

"Organize, file, store and protect, with wallets and accessories as everyday portable items by Victorinox that take our functional thinking to a micro level. Complete with RFID protection to their lining and closures, these pieces include the elegant, smartly designed Altius Edge wallets. To fill, to fold and to slide neatly into your back pocket, these are the smaller pieces from Victorinox that you won’t want to leave home without. "
Altius Alox
Lifestyle Accessory Bags
Travel Accessories Edge
Travel Accessories 5.0