Packing tips and accessories for effortless travel

Need help getting it all in? We’ve got suggestions on how to pack a suitcase, what to bring along and which accessories can make the most of the space in your luggage. As well as which of our cases offer the best solution for what you need. Let’s start with the packing tips in the video:
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Six packing tips

1. How to pack shoes
Take full advantage of the space between the trolley tubes by packing your shoes along the side of the case.

2. Use every bit of space
Put balled up socks and underwear into small in-between spaces – like inside your shoes.

3. Take advantages of the mesh separator
​​​​​​​Pack items that can’t be rolled – or very light things – into a separate compartment.
4. Layer your trousers
Lay your pants with legs hanging over the edge of your suitcase. Repeat this step with every pair, alternating sides.

5. Roll everything else to save space and reduce wrinkles
Carefully roll T-shirts, light dresses, underclothes and shorts. Then wrap the legs of the trousers over the rolled items.

6. First-things-first on top
​​​​​​​Place toiletry bags and other things you might need right away on the very top.

Accessories that make packing easy

Compress without wrinkles

Expandable Compression Cube
A ventilated compression cube is a great space saver and keeps your clothes, shoes and small items nicely organized.

Compact Packing
Simplified compartmentalization helps you plan not just your packing, but your unpacking too. So that everything you need is in place and neatly folded, providing structure for what’s needed.
Edge Packing Cube
5.0 Pakmaster

Organize your accessories

Packable and Lightweight Solutions
A compact, super-lightweight bag that unfolds into 30 liters of tough duffel. For when you need to magically produce an extra bag.

Zippered case for Electronics
All your gadgets, cables, readers in one place. No more untangling things to find that plug you need.
Edge Packable Duffel
Edge Accessories Case

Safety for your belongings

Secure TSA locks
Compact locks that keep your valuables safe. With built-in technology that lets airport security personnel open and relock them.

Leak-Proof Toiletry Case
Room for all your essentials, practical compartments and a fully waterproof base.
Edge TSA Padlock Set
Edge Toiletry Case Deluxe

Luggage that makes room for more

Expandable Carry-On
The carry-on that expands up to 20% so you can be flexible about how you use it.

More Room to Pack
This trolley’s Pack More System has a padded laptop compartment and can be expanded up to four more centimeters.
expandable Spectra 3.0
Werks Traveler 6.0

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