The Victorinox Enthusiast

We are lucky enough to call Chad Whitefield one of our biggest fans. He shows us his essential work to weekend products.

Top Stylish yet Functional Products for a Weekend Glamping Trip

The Airstream trailer gleams in the early Spring Michigan sunshine. It’s sleek silver form is one that’s easily recognizable. Retro yet classic, its curves are the epitome of mid-century design whilst the interior sparkles with modernity

Chad Whitefield, the Airstream’s proud owner, stands grinning by its side. He explains what makes this particular travel trailer so special: “This is one of just 125 limited edition Victorinox models. Since these two iconic brands share key qualities such as precision, functionality, reliability and classically elegant design, they partnered together to celebrate the 125th year anniversary of Victorinox. This Airstream is the result of that partnership and since I’m a huge fan of Victorinox, I just had to have one!”

Chad can truly be considered one of our most ardent supporters. Although he’d owned Swiss Army Knives since his childhood, he had never taken much notice of the brand and what it stood for, until he discovered our now-defunct apparel collection. Chad was immediately taken by the quality and design of the collection, appreciating the stylish functionality found in each garment. He quickly began to look at our other product categories, especially the watches, before starting an impressive collection of our pocket knives which led him to become one of the winners of our 2017 Swiss Army Knife Collectors competition.

“I found it unusual to find a brand that makes a wide variety of products, but still manages to maintain the same functionality and quality across all of them. For me, the spirit of Victorinox is tangible in all product categories and that draws me strongly to the brand” says Chad.

Chad has a demanding job as a pharmacist which makes for long and busy weekdays. That’s why he finds it extremely important to take the time to relax on the weekends. Although he travels overseas a lot (“Favorite destinations are Switzerland and anywhere there’s a Victorinox store!” laughs Chad), he loves nothing more than to take the Airstream on a weekend trip around the beautiful Great Lakes region. He’s a big fan of so-called “glamping” which is the term used to describe a more glamorous style of camping. We asked him to share his must-have Victorinox products for his glamping trips.

Chad on his Victorinox Workbag

“Everybody has to work. The key is to balance your work responsibilities with enjoying and exploring life's great adventures! It is good for the heart and the soul. I feel strongly that Victorinox equips you to handle any situation that comes your way, so it’s a no-brainer to take Victorinox products when I spend a weekend in the trailer. 
Since the Airstream falls firmly into the category of “glamping” rather than rough and ready camping, the products that I take with me are the same that I use 9-5 in the pharmacy. My Altmont backpack carries my laptop to and from the office, but I also enjoy using it whilst hiking, because it’s very practical.  Likewise, you wouldn’t usually associate the Swiss Modern cutlery block with a camping trip, but since the interior of the Airstream is so stylish, I find it fits beautifully with the look and feel and the knives help me to prepare some fine food of an evening, which I also find relaxing and fun. 
“I wear all of the Victorinox fragrances for me, but the Swiss Army Classic Sport is one of my absolute favorites. It just smells like adventure and reminds me of the upcoming weekend where I can relax and unwind in the great outdoors. My SwissTool knife is unmissable for the Airstream – making small repairs or sawing wood to build a fire.  
Finally, I chose the I.N.O.X. Carbon for my workbag because out of my large collection of Victorinox watches, it is probably the one I wear most often. It is practical whilst still making a great style statement. I hope I’ll never need to use the paracord strap on a weekend trip, but you never know!”
  • Swiss Tool BS

Swiss Tool BS

Includes nylon belt pouch
  • Altmont Professional Deluxe Travel Laptop Backpack

Altmont Professional Deluxe Travel Laptop Backpack

black, 25 l
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